Bal de Bourdon

Bal de Bourdon is a London-based band performing music from France, the Channel Islands and Cornwall, with a penchant for songs rich in melody, drama and stories.  


Our repertoire includes traditional music from Brittany and other French regions, and some rare and little-known songs from Cornwall and the Channel Islands - sung in the original languages but in engaging new arrangements with rich vocal harmonies.


Band members are:

Evrah - voice

Jeremy Halliwell - guitar

Martin - accordion and voice

Karen Yarnell - percussion

Clarissa Carylon - cello and voice



                    07986 776488

Above photo © Sascha Osaka,




 The French word bourdon has several meanings, including bumblebee - and other things that create a

low drone, such as a type of low-pitched organ stop

and a large bell.  

Bal means ball or dance.  

Therefore the most likely translation of Bal de Bourdon

is bumblebee's ball ... or drone's dance?

Harrison - BdB by Sascha Osaka