Bal de Bourdon:

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We're looking for London-based instrumentalists and an additional singer for the band, ideally with an interest in French or Celtic music and a creative approach to arrangements.



Accordion would be perfect, or another instrument that can play both chords and melodies - e.g. harp, hardy-gurdy.

A cello would also be very welcome. We're open to suggestions of other instruments, especially if you're willing and able to join in with singing!  (We already have guitar and percussion).



We need a second singer to help build strong vocal harmonies. Some knowledge of French and ability with pronounciation is necessary, but fluency isn't essential.  If you also play an instrument, that would be a bonus.


We normally rehearse fortnightly at different locations around London (usually fairly central, or east London).  This year we will probably try to rehearse outdoors...


If interested, please contact Evrah: [email protected]







Sept 8, 2019: BERMONDSEY FOLK FESTIVAL, Bermondsey


Feb 16, 2019: JAMYANG CENTRE, Kennington


Sept 8, 2018: HARVEST FESTIVAL, Surrey Docks Farm


July 3 , 2016: ACOUSTIC SUNDAYS at De Beauvoir Square, London

Our second performance at this all-afternoon event of quality music by De Beauvoir Square, but this time an outdoor event. Organised by Sound Advice: and Facebook:


May 15, 2016: ACOUSTIC FOLK HIGHWAY at the Harrison, Kings Cross

See pictures on the Photos page.


May 14, 2016:  SURREY DOCKS FARM SPRING FAIR, Rotherhithe

See pictures on the Photos page.


December 6, 2015: ACOUSTIC SUNDAYS, St Peter's Church, De Beauvoir Town


November 26, 2015:  ACOUSTIC NIGHT, The Village, Walthamstow



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