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Our repertoire includes:

- French folk songs and tunes, especially from Brittany, and some lesser-known pieces from other regions.

- Songs from Cornwall - in particular some late 20th C songs in Modern Cornish by linguist and songwriter Richard Gendall.

- Music from the Channel Islands.


Below are some demo/test recordings to give an idea of our sound and repertoire...

 L'Alouette est sur la branche  

French dance song; our own arrangements and harmonies.

(Live studio demo, July 2016)






Cuillère et Crapaud

Original arrangement of a Breton An Dro, featuring Karen Yarnell playing the spoons. 

(Live studio demo, July 2016)






Song written by Richard Gendall, in Modern Cornish.  Izelvarr means Mistletoe.  

(Live studio demo, July 2016)

L'bouan Houme Andrio

A test recording from a recent rehearsal; this is our version of this recent arrangement by The Harp Consort, which sets words from Guernsey poet George Métivier to a Breton tune.

Isabeau s'y Promène

A test recording from a recent rehearsal. This folksong appears in many forms across France and French-colonised lands; this version of the lyrics is from Quebec.

Bal de Bourdon: Music

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