Bal de Bourdon: Music

Our repertoire includes:

- French folk songs and tunes, especially from Brittany, and some lesser-known pieces from other regions.

- Songs from Cornwall - in particular some late 20th C songs in Modern Cornish by linguist and songwriter Richard Gendall.

- Music from the Channel Islands.


These are some early 'draft' recordings made at rehearsal:



L'Alouette est sur la branche  

French dance song; our own arrangements and harmonies.

(July 2016)






Cuillère et Crapaud

Original arrangement of a Breton An Dro

(July 2016)






La Palombe

French folk song, learnt from Évelyne Girardon recording;

this is our own arrangement (and melodic variation).

(July 2016)






Song written by Richard Gendall, in Modern Cornish.  Izelvarr means Mistletoe.  

Live studio demo, engineered by Michele Chowrimotoo.

(July 2016)